smart publishing settings

Smart publishing

How it works
When it’s enabled, ExpressCurate will pick the posts that are approved for smart publishing. This applies to all posts when approval is performed automatically or the approved posts when it's done manually.

Manually approve posts for smart publishing

How it works
There are two scenarios of using and/or managing the blog.

You use ExpressCurate Chrome Extension to curate posts or simply start the post in WordPress. And you finish the post to make the idea complete immediately. This helps as you don't loose the focus, idea, and build the story smoothly. In the end you always have a ready post, a second away from publishing.

In the second scenario you may start the post to just drop ideas, write the story development plan, put hints, but you work on posts a couple of days, or maybe a team is working on every post which takes time.

In the first case nothing stops you from publishing and ExpressCurate can use all draft posts for publishing. In the other case it takes time till the draft posts become ready for publishing and ExpressCurate shall know which draft posts shall be published and that requires manual approval.

Which scenario applies to your case?

Note: By default manual approval is required to make sure "half baked" posts don't get published by accident.

Publish draft articles

How it works
How often you want to get published? You can choose starting from every hour to twice a day, and once a day. When the time comes, ExpressCurate will pick up the first draft post that is approved for smart publishing and publish it.

Note: See manual approval.