Here we go with more details regarding the keywords

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of your content marketing efforts. Pick the wrong keywords and you can waste lots of time, effort, and money on content that will generate negligible results.

Pick the right keywords and your content can generate amazing results. Truly, picking correct keywords is often the difference between success and failure of your content marketing efforts.

ExpressCurate provides analytics to help you with measuring your keyword utilization in various content components, guidance where you may be under-using or overusing keywords, and a quick way to start posts focused on certain keywords.

Keywords Dashboard

The keywords dashboard summarizes the keyword status. On the left side you will see the defined keywords and the usage statistics. On the right side you will see the most frequently used words.


Adding Keywords

Creating Content From Keywords

This option is created considering that often you may want to concentrate on the use of a specific keyword in your content. Hover the mouse over the keyword of choice and choose + add post.

add post

A post will be created. According to the SEO best practices the keyword will be included in the title and content, defined as a keyword in SEO Control Center.

Start writing the post using the given word. Try to keep the usage between 3-5%.