Your content strategy is built on target keywords. Knowing the right optimization standards for your posts and the blog in general, will help you preserve the right optimization balance. Here is where the Keywords Dashboard comes to help. Let's bring your keywords into ExpressCurate.

Go to ExpressCurate > Keywords. You will see a view with two columns. On the left side you can see the keywords and on the right side you can see the words that appear frequently in your blog.


Add a keyword in Add new keyword and press +. The keyword will appear in the left column with the usage statistics. The color coding will show whether the keyword is well optimized, underused or overused.

Depending on the color you can create a plan to bring a balance to your blog.

You may also see one or more of your target keywords on the right side as a frequently used word. Go over the line, press +. This will make the word a keyword.

Open ExpressCurate. Look for widget Keywords Summary.

keyword summary

Keywords Interest Over Time.

keywords interest over time

Keywords Related Topics.