Finding things to write about is one of the biggest challenges in the process of content creation. Here is where content discovery can help. Let’s bring your favorite RSS feeds into ExpressCurate.

Open ExpressCurate > RSS Feeds

Add an RSS Feed URL in Add RSS feed and click on +

add rss

Your RSS source will appear in the list. Just add RSS feeds where you usually find interesting articles that you may want to write about. You can add multiple feeds.


Well done, now ExpressCurate will start pulling articles from these blogs. They will appear in the ExpressCurate > Content Feed section.

feed suggestions

By default, it takes an hour to pull content. You can change that setting in ExpressCurate > Settings > Feed > Content Pull Frequency.

feed settings

Depending on the server configuration it may require additional steps to configure the content pull. Check out other settings to fine tune the content discovery.