Let's establish common ground on content curation best practices so your content efforts lead to the best results.

Content Curation Types

There are two good types of curation activities - reporting and value added curation, and a bad one - plagiarism.


With the first approach you are just sharing news and articles that may be valuable for your audience without adding your perspective. In an essence you are bringing content into one place making it easy for your readers to use your web site as a news channel. This approach may generate traffic, however won’t help you with establishing thought leadership or gaining SEO benefits.

Value added curation

With this approach, you are using the original content as a reference and idea creation point. You may include a few paragraphs from the original article, however the biggest value is in your perspective. Even though you are starting with curated content, the end result is original content that is highly valuable for gaining credibility, building thought leadership, gaining organic SEO rankings, and generating leads.

Note: ExpressCurate also allows you to create stories from different sources. Add parts from different posts, gear your content with originality and tell your story to the audience.


An activity you should refrain from is copying somebody else's original content and presenting it as your own. Search engines are really good about recognizing patterns of this type of activity and not providing you any SEO gains. You will end up wasting time and effort, and at best not getting the results you were hoping for. In case you should address this approach, see how to perform SEO for copy-blogging so that your post / blog doesn't lose rankings.