general settings

To fine-tune ExpressCureate open ExpressCurate > Settings. Curation specific elements are placed in the General tab.

Image Placement

There are two options for placing the images (picked from the original article) in your curated post:

  • Featured. The image will be placed above the title, at the very top of your post. This will give your image a more prominent look.
  • Standard. The image will be placed below the title and category. This option will focus your viewer's attention more on the title and less on the image.

featured image

How it works
The featured image is the most "valued" media element of your post. In most of the themes it's used as banner to your post and gives the first impression about your post. It is recommended to always have a featured image set for your post.

When you curate though, not always the style, size or quality of the image taken from the original post may fit to your blog. In those cases you may choose to add your custom-made featured image and keep the curated image in the content only (use Standard placement for this case).

Note: When you curate a post, the image will be placed in the content editor, even if "Featured" is selected for this setting. Only after the post is selected the image will be removed from the content and put as a featured image.

Attribution Text For Original Article Link

Type in the prefix text for attributing the original article link. It will show up at the bottom of your curated post. For example, if you type "Curated from" in the box below and you curate from, "Curated from" will appear at the bottom of your post.

How it works
It's a good practice and recommendation to give credits to the original post and author when you curate the whole or piece of a post. In/With ExpressCurate when a post is curated the attribution text will be automatically added at the end of the quotation.

attribution text example

This will make sure you have the best experience and the visual elements in your blog are suitable for best user experience.

Note: When you create the quotation manually, the attribution link won't be added and some technical (HTML) skills will be required to add those elements correctly. Therefore it is recommended to add the quotation with ExpressCurate's Curate Content dialog.

Max Number of Auto-suggested Tags

The recommended value is 3.

ExpressCurate can auto-suggest tags for your post. It is based on the keywords and tags defined in your prior WordPress blogs. Enter the max number of auto-suggested tags you would like to have in each curated posts.

How it works
All posts are recommended to have tags and categories. When you open the ExpressCurate curation dialog and load the page, some tags will be suggested automatically.

suggested tags

Those tags are the synopsis/subtotal result of the tags from the original post and the keywords you have defined as part of your content strategy. Only those tags/keywords will be suggested here which match the context of the original post. The number of tags is configured with this setting. Put 0 if you don’t want any tag suggestions and prefer to define the tags of the post manually.

Note: The original and curated content shall be related as well as the tags and/or categories. Using the tags from the original post may help to accomplish this process with less effort. On the other hand, you may have your set of tags (part of your marketing strategy) that shall be used instead. Whichever approach you choose to pursue, make sure the content and tags are relevant to each other.

Number of Curated Paragraphs

Pick the number of paragraphs to be inserted from the original article into your post.
The default value is 5.

How it works
When you open the ExpressCurate curation dialog and load the page, some paragraphs will be suggested automatically. The number of paragraphs is configured with this setting. Put 0 if you don't want any auto-population and prefer to pick the paragraphs manually.

autopopulated paragraphs

For most of the "value added curation scenarios" the selection of paragraphs will be done manually. And for "reporting curation scenario" 3-5 paragraphs will be good enough. In case you add more paragraphs you can also consider cloning/copying posts with clone post.

Enable ExpressCurate Blockquote

Select "Yes" to use ExpressCurate blockquote for marking the original content quote. Select "No" if you are already using a theme that has a good enough quote style and ExpressCurate won't override it.

How it works
ExpressCurate has created a special style for the quotation. That style can work with or without the ExpressCurate Wordpress Theme.

quotation example

Note: Most of the themes already have their special styles and that applies to quotations too. You should pick the style carefully to have the best experience. Please, consult with a designer when making the choice.