First choose a post you will curate and copy the URL. Get back to the Edit Post page. On top of the content editor there is a Curate Content button.

curate content

Press Curate Content and the ExpressCurate curation dialog will open. Put the copied URL in the location and press Load. ExpressCurate will now load the page and prepare the content for curation.

loaded content

On the left side you will see the images that are found in the page. You can navigate and choose the best image that will fit for curation. You can also choose the size and layout.


On the right side there is a content editor where you can collect the text that shall be curated. By default a couple of paragraphs will be put there. There are also other paragraphs you can curate. Drop a little part of the auto-populated content and press on one of the listed paragraphs.


Press the Curate into post button.

The selected content will appear in the post's content editor.

That's it, you have just done the first curation.

This process can be done multiple times. This is useful when several posts are being curated, see value added curation and story curation.