As we discussed in understanding content curation plagiarism is the worst way of content curation. But if you want to copy other blog posts into your site, there is an ethical way to do so. The first thing that shall come to mind is that this process shall NEVER affect the site's rankings.

Cloning the post allows you to make a copy of the original post into your blog. With ExpressCurate Clone Post you will also have benefit from the correctly performed, white-hat SEO.

To start cloning/copying a post press the Clone post button above the content editor. A dialog similar to curate a post will appear.

clone post

Put the URL of the post that shall be cloned and press Load. You will then be given the list of images to choose (it will be used as a featured image) and a preview of the content. Press Clone Post.

The content of the original post will be populated into your post (title, content, image) as well as the default settings for SEO will be set to make sure this post is not indexed and links are not followed, as well as the canonical path is put to the original page.